8 Cleveland Cavaliers Predictions For The 2011 – 2012 Season

Well, as of October 2011 the ‘Cavs’ are still a professional basketball team in the NBA and will continue to be so despite the loss of one of the NBA’s greats, Lebron James, who became a free agent during the transfer window. So despite the transfer one of their star players, how are they going to fair?

Well just for fun… here are some fairly bold predictions for the upcoming season

 Star player

My guess is that this will have to go to JJ Hickson. He showed some great promise in his rookie year and continued to build during his sophomore campaign. This year he is only going to get better and better. Under the tutelage of the great Antawn Jamison, Hickson is set for great things.

 The ‘Cavs’ will win 45 games

Despite the gruelling NBA schedule, many people predict is that the Cavaliers will win 45 games. Sounds achievable or is it a step too far? Well even with the loss of James, who led them to the best season for the last 2 years, the Cavaliers have it in them to bounce back, and although they may take a slight drop in form, it won’t be anything along the style of the New Jersey Nets.

More team orientated

When you lose a player who can net you 30 points a game, those points have got to come from somewhere. Therefore the Cavaliers need to start moving the ball around the floor better. Once they do this then opportunities will come.

 Cleveland Cavaliers to finish top six

Bold prediction I know, but they are still a force to be reckoned with and new head coach Byron Scott, is known for demanding perfection from his teams. If they can get to the 45 game plateau they should secure a play off spot and that should be good enough for a top six finish

Cavs To Beat the Heat

a lot of people were hurt when Lebron James packed his bags and signed for the Miami Heat and that includes the players. In fact Mo Williams felt is so bad that he almost quit basketball. Come December 2nd when the heat come to town, let there be fireworks.

 Central division favorites

Clearly Milwaukee and Chicago are title favorites, but no one can write off Cleveland. With Carl Boozer going through another injury prone time and the Bucks being in the same boat, it appears that the division is definitely there for the taking.

 Lebron James to keep a low profile

When James returns to the Quicken Loans Arena on Dec 2nd expect him to keep a low profile. Will he be booed? For sure! In fact probably every time he touches the ball. But as we all know Lebron doesn’t like to be hated.

Anderson Varejo to cut his hair

This ones just for fun, and anyway, it’s about time he changed his hair do!

Whether these predictions come true or not, one thing’s for sure, following the Cleveland Cavaliers certainly isn’t dull!

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